Monday, October 3, 2011

Bear Down

This blog is supposed to chronicle my attempt to not fall into Frumpy Mom Syndrome.  But Sundays between the months of September - February don't count, because it's football season!

During every Bears game, I have to rock something that represents my Bears!!!

Isn't my Da Bears tee super cute?  Yea, I will not wear it when the Bears are playing.  The last time I wore it was last season's NFC Championship game.  It has now been deemed bad luck.  I still wear it, just not on game day.  Look, it even made Jonathan cry.

Or my awesome Bear Down Hoodie.  Bad luck too.  Wore it last week.  No Bueno.  I'll just keep it for lounging around the house on cool days when the Bears aren't playing.

This week I wore my Walter Payton jersey.  This jersey has brought some good vibes.  I wore it this week and lo and behold, the Bears won!  Granted, it isn't cute, it definitely isn't sexy, but it's sick as hell.  Can't go wrong with Walter Payton!  It's huge on me though.  It's a men's medium and it comes down to my knees.  I haven't seen his jersey come in women's sizes or kids sizes.

I will wear his jersey every week until the Bears give me a reason not to.  And in that case, I'm already eyeing some items from Victoria's Secret Pink NFL Collection.

Oh!  And for my super sexy sports fans.  I contacted Rock n Reconstruct and it turns out she still makes sports teams dresses!  You can message her on Facebook with what team you would like and which style dress you want.  Check out her dresses on her Facebook Page.

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