Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My favorite piece of clothing...

It's not the most expensive, or most glamorous.  But it's my most prized piece of clothing in my closet.


Really? Was there any doubt it would be a Cubs dress?  Watching Catching Hell the other night, I was in the mood to smash everything in my house.  Instead, I put energy into putting away my summer clothes and I came across this dress.  

I bought it back in 2009, when I was planning my baseball themed wedding.  Yes, I had a baseball themed wedding.  Hubs is a big Red Sox fan.  I wore it for our wedding shower and I wear it to Cubs games all the time.

It's a dress I plan on wearing when I am an old, wrinkled lady and my boobs are down to my ankles.  Hopefully the Cubs will have won a World Series by then...or at least before I die.  

It's super comfy too.  It's basically a halter bikini top and a vintage Cubs tee.  Whenever I wear it to Cubs games, I am complimented on it by a ton of people.

I bought it from Rocknreconstruct on Etsy.  She doesn't have anything similar to it anymore, but her store is pretty cool.  She takes vintage pieces and reconstructs them. I am eyeing her cowl dress, but I'm trying to be good!  So please save me the money and buy it!

On another baseball note...Did you catch any of the craziness that has been dubbed as the "Greatest Regular Season Night in the History of Baseball?"  Thoughts?

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