Monday, October 1, 2012

Bang...Marry...Kill. And Giveaway!

For those of you that don't know...I'm a gigantic bookworm.  I'd rather read books than do pretty much anything.  I've read some pretty awesome books and the majority of the authors are indie writers who are self published.  

Chicago was lucky enough to host The First Ever Indie Conference this past weekend and when I saw who was going to be there, I knew I had to attend.

Not only did I get to meet some of my favorite authors, I also got to attend a blogger Q & A session.  So the question I asked the ladies was, using the characters from each other's books:
Who would you Bang?  
Who would you Marry?  
Who would you Kill?

As I asked this question.  Mr. Tara Sivec yelled, "Just say the F-word!"  I tried to keep it PG...tried.  PG does not exist around those two!

Read some of their answers after the jump!  And also there's a giveaway at the end of the post!  Check it!
Stephanie Campbell:  "I would totally bang Saxon!  If I was 16!"
Liz Reinhardt:  "Who would you marry?"
Stephanie Campbell:  "Will!"

Dina Silver:  "I really like Cage."
Me:  "What would you do to him?"
Dina Silver:  "Bang, marry then kill him!"

Colleen Hoover:  "Hello?!  Bang Kellan!  I would marry Marcus.  I'm in love with Marcus.  Who would I kill?"
Me:  "It doesn't have to be a guy.  Why don't you kill of a girl?"
Colleen Hoover:  "I'd kill off Kiera."

Abbi Glines:  "Oh!  I have a kill!  I would kill the aunt in Reason to Breathe.  Knock her out and put a gun to her head!  I won't do the bang and marry because my husband is looking right at me."
J. Sterling: "But he's the basis for all the hot guys right?"
Abbi Glines:  "That's what he says!"

J. Sterling:  "Shannon and I are too nice to kill anyone."

Elizabeth Hunter:  "Um kill.  I would kill Will just to be contrary." 
(As everyone looks at her in shock and I yell...NOOOOO!)
Elizabeth Hunter:  "Sorry!  Just because no one else would."

J. Sterling:  "Ooh I have a good one to kill!  I wanna kill Leah. Just take that Dirty Red right out."

Tarryn Fisher:  "Kill Kiera."
(Apparently everyone wants to kill Kiera!  So we asked her to pick someone else.)
Tarryn Fisher:  "Layken."
Me:  "You would kill Layken?"
Tarryn Fisher:  "For Will!"
Me:  "Who would you bang and marry?"
Tarryn Fisher:  "Will.  I'd kill Layken then marry Will.  I would have to fight too hard for Kellan. Everyone wants Kellan."

Ain't that the truth!

Thank you ladies for such an awesome meet and greet!  I had such an awesome time meeting all of you!

And now for the giveaway!  The awesomely talented Abbi Glines gave me an autographed hardcover copy of The Vincent Boys!  
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  1. I would kill Leah from The Opportunist and Bekah Bridges from Avoiding Commitment. I would bang Kellan Kyle (duh). I would marry Gabriel Emerson, Evan Matthews, and Brandon Taylor.

  2. Bang - Kellan/Braden, then marry him:-); Kill - no one :(

    Kellan from Thoughtless/Efortless; Braden from On Dublin Street

  3. Kill: Trevor (from Delicate by Steph Campbell)
    Bang: Griffin (Thoughtless & Effortless)
    Marry: Braden (On Dublin Street)

  4. humm..
    bang Kellan or Beau Vincent
    marry Jackson- Chance Encounters
    Kill-- no one ;-)

  5. I think I would have to kill Lana just so I could bang Sawyer then turn around and Marry him. Yep Im a Sawyer fan :)

  6. Kill: The aunt in the Barely Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan
    Bang: Kellan Kyle (Over and Over and Over again)by SC Stephens Thoughtless/Effortless
    Marry: Beau Vincent (I Love a sexy country boy) by Abbi Glines Vincent Boys/Vincent Brothers or Jude Ryder in Crash/Clash by Nicole Williams