Friday, August 3, 2012

My Brilliant Idea

So after class I was bored before work and I decided to do some window shopping when I came across this.

Now, everyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Cubs fan.  And duh...what shows your allegiance to your team better than a garden gnome right?  RIGHT!

Then I saw that he only cost $7.  And I'm like SOLD!  I even thought of buying 2, but one of them had a broken bat so I had to nix the idea of a Cubs Gnome army in my front yard.  SUCK.

Anyhoo...the Cubs uniform is just a disguise.  It's disguise so my husband doesn't know what my real intentions for buying the gnome are.

It's my Will Cooper trap.  
Yup you heard me.

I'm going to trap me a Will Cooper with this Gnome.

The instructions are clear as day in Slammed by Colleen Hoover.

If you aren't familiar here are the steps:
  1. Run out of your house wearing Darth Vader house shoes (note to self, buy Darth Vader house shoes).
  2. Slip on snow (Dang...I guess I'll have to wait a couple months before the snow comes.  But we live in Chicago, so we could get snow tomorrow).
  3. Land on gnome.
  4. Get rescued by Will Cooper and get invited to his house.  Bom Chicka Wow Wow.
Man...books have really taken over my life.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Do your work little gnome.  Do your work.

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