Thursday, November 3, 2011

Temptation Thursday!

Apologies for my uber lack of posting.  Things have been crazy the past few weeks but I'm hoping to get back to a normal life by next week.

My favorite department store to shop at is Nordstrom.  I think their customer service sets them apart from everyone else.  I used to work retail back when I was much younger so I know what good customer service entails and Nordstrom just rocks at it.  If I was ever unhappy with anything, they wouldn't hesitate to try and remedy the situation for me.  And with that, I am a loyal customer.

Right now their half yearly sale for Women and Kids is going on, along with double points on your Nordstrom card until November 5.  So get some Christmas shopping done for the kiddies and buy something for yourself as well!

I've wanted a Longchamp Tote for a long time but I couldn't get over the brown straps on the bag, no matter what color the bag was.  I love this one, first off because of the color, and secondly, no brown straps!  Win!  I think it would make an awesome everyday bag for running errands.

I'm all in when it comes to the rose gold trend.  And I love this ring.'s my favorite item on sale!

Ok, so I wrote a post about wanting another snood from Nordies...but changed my mind when I saw this one.  I bought it in black, but I'm the type that if I see an item I absolutely love, I need it in every color.  Take the House of Harlow necklace for example.  I now decided I need this in beige.

Hinge Fabric Envelope Cluth also on sale for $37.90!
I wanted a really simple clutch to add to my collection.  Also a sale item, which makes it better!  The only thing wrong is last night I saw it in black, but it's gone now.  So take it from me!  You snooze you lose!  I'll still be happy with it in gray...I just really wanted it in black!!!  Wah!

Go shop the sale already!  What are you waiting for?!  I waited and now one of the items I wanted is gone!  And don't forget...Nordstrom now has free shipping and free returns on any purchase!  When they announced that I had a shopgasm.

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